About us


Welcome to Dr. Vishal Sharma’s Advanced Eye Clinic in Shahdara, Delhi, India! Dr. Sharma, with a legacy since 1999, is a distinguished Ophthalmologist (A.OPTH), Certified Contact Lens Practitioner (C.C.L.P), and Fellow of the Contact Lens Institute (F.C.L.I). His unwavering commitment lies in providing exceptional eye care. Here’s an overview of our comprehensive services.

From dry eyes to glaucoma, our clinic offers diagnosis and management of various eye conditions. We use advanced technology to provide accurate assessments and effective treatment plans.

Early detection of vision issues is crucial for children. Our eye specialists ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy and their vision is developing correctly.

Accidents happen, and eye emergencies require immediate attention. Visit our clinic for prompt care in case of eye injuries, infections, or sudden vision changes.

We specializes in advanced sub-specialty eye care and comprehensive eye care services. They operate outpatient clinics on all days except Tuesday and offer specialized treatments. 

 Location: Visit us in Shahdara, Delhi, India, and let Dr. Vishal Sharma and his team care for your precious eyes.